Deadlifts without the Donuts

The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment – Justin Langer

It has been awesome to see how dedicated our members have been in eating clean, and the proof is in the way they look, feel and perform!

While all of our members who completed the Paleo Challenge are considered winners, we are now busy determining the winners! In the meantime, we have witnessed the impact of a clean diet on our athletes’ performances.

For those of you that enjoy a bit of analysis and pretty graphs like myself, let’s have a look at some numbers.

First Chart – Bar chart by Athlete showing pre paleo challenge deadlift vs. post paleo challenge deadlift


From the chart above, we can see that the old deadlifts ranged from 120 lbs to 270 lbs, but since our members have cleaned up their diets there has been an increase ranging from  165 lbs to 295 lbs. Interestingly, Nixa who had the lowest deadlift managed to increase her deadlift from 120 lbs to 170 lbs – a 42% increase!!

Second Chart –  Distribution of Deadlift Percentage Increases


While some of our members increased more than others, the average increase in weight was around 10% which is HUGE! If you look at the above line, it shows the distribution of increase in deadlifts as a percentage, and we can see that on average, our members increased between 2% and 10% – that is the first curve. Also, we can note that some of our members increased their deadlifts by 20% (Erica) and 40% (Nixa).

Now for the fun stuff – the PROOF!!

As you can see below, our Juanita jumped to 260 lbs from 245 lbs – a 6% PR! We hope that you enjoy the video and get excited as much as we did watching this performance!

Here is Nixa and her awesome 50 lbs deadlift PR… I secretly think she can go up even more!

Lastly, I wanted to show our coach Anne as she proudly watched Joyce also reaching her PR. If this isn’t a proud face, what is?


In the end, all of our members are winners.


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