Well into the Paleo Challenge…

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live – Jim Rohn

Our ladies and gents are well off into the Paleo Challenge, and the end is near! While our members can attest to the fact that the last few weeks haven’t always been easy, they have all made significant progress and have learned a lot along the way!  The group has been very active in supporting one another and many have learned a lot from us and Chef Ryan!



They learned the importance of eating REAL FOOD and staying away from PROCESSED FOOD and a lot have impressed us with some of their meals! Ready for this?

One of the most important meals to get your day started:  Who wouldn’t want this breakfast every day?


Portion Control 

Another key lesson that our members have learned is how to control their portions. Meal prepping has been a big topic at the studio, and throughout the challenge we helped our clients in answering questions on how to meal prep for the week. It looks like a lot of our members took this to heart!


Avoiding overeating

Even if nuts are healthy fats, one should not overdo it, only a handful is sufficient as a snack!


We are about two weeks away from the end of the challenge and are hoping that our members will embrace some of the lessons they have learned and continue doing so well!

We are excited to see the who the winner will be! Stay tuned…

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